Harley Quinn

A soft vintage fragrance of Chanel No 5 aroma enters the cab as Harley Quinn closes the door . She directs the taxi driver to take her on the other side of town. As she leans on the lock taxi door; she gazes through the rain drops on the window with a smile showing her deep dimples and her eyes were sparkling. The light from the sun bursting through the clouds compliments her shimmering, radiant and flawless makeup. I just had to ask her; excuse me Queen; your smile is inspiring! I don't see that often.

Harley replies I am living and enjoying my life. I am truly in a happy place; I've been blessed with a new love in my life, someone who loves all of me.. flaws and all and I too love him. We are friends first.. we travel.. we communicate.. we love family and God is good. He is truly blessing me and I'm forever grateful.

Amen. You give me hope; I am waiting on God to release my him and I pray he is saying the same thing to God; whereever he's at; waiting on God to release me to him. It took me damn near 50 years to realize I finally found myself. And it all began with self-love. I am really adoring my book "Dakota" and the message of putting the spot light of bringing the awareness and the importance of "Self-Love", "Self-Care", "Self-Talk", "Self-Worth" and "Self-Wellness". AND God let him have a dope swag.

Harley laughs inwardly and say I must admit; I was about to give up on love.. It's been almost 4 years since my separation and finalizing my divorce. I became tired and annoyed with the dating scene.. It was as if everyone was saying the same thing; expecting the same results.. It was like a dead end for me. Till one day unexpectedly God placed my king in front of me. But it was only when he deemed me worthy, ready and repaired to be able to deliver the love someone was also searching for. You see; I wasn't ready 2-3 years ago.. I was still fragile, hurt and broken.. but now I stand firm, strong and my heart is open.. It feels so good to love again and to be loved.. I've long forgotten how this feels.

And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings..

I replied cheers to love! I celebrate you Harley Quinn. Harley, we've arrived to your destination; your story is amazing!

Love Dakota